Why are we still watching Transformers? (Not a review)


I’m afraid that I don’t have anything profound to discuss concerning the Transformers series. I don’t have any psychological reasoning or a hidden message that the Transformers movies tries to teach us to explain why these movies are still making money. This can’t be nostalgia, can it? I wouldn’t know because I was right after the Transformers as a kid. I didn’t grow up with the cartoon or the toys.

All that I know is that after 10 years, Hollywood is still making these movies despite poor reviews and generally a “meh” audience response. It isn’t like anyone I’ve talked to actually likes these movies. The first one was dumb but at least a little fun. The second one was so bad that I swore off the series completely. The only Transformers apologist I talked to tried to talk me into watching the third movie only because “it was better than the second one.” Unfortunately the second one was one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. Heck, Dragonball: Evolution was better than Revenge of the Fallen (oh yes, I just went there). At least I could follow what was going on in Dragonball.

The fourth movie was trying to go into a different direction at least, by that I mean statutory rape jokes. Every time one of these movies comes out, I just keep hearing about how terrible they are. I go to Rotten Tomatoes this morning and saw that The Last Knight got a 16% score. Keep in mind that is lower than even Revenge of the Fallen (19%). Granted it could change as there was a review embargo and critics may need to wait until today to see it. Even then, a review embargo usually means that the movie is crap and they don’t want bad review scores affecting opening weekend revenue. Fortunately for us, the internet has sped up the word-of-mouth process to where a review embargo makes little difference.

The thing that irks me is that despite every sequel being a let down, the movies are still making money. A lot of that can be due to international box office revenue. However, the blame is on all of you who go see it. I would include myself to be fair but I haven’t seen a Transformers movie since Revenge of the Fallen. I’m doing my part but not giving them any of my money. In short, stop watching these movies. Let it crash and burn and die already. Hollywood will stop making these movies when we stop going to them, it’s that simple. In a capitalist society like ours, our money is our vote to what we want the industry to provide.

Stop pretending that this one might be the one that is good, we have 4 movies as proof that the series isn’t going to improve. Sorry I don’t have anything substantial or meaningful to this rant, but there is nothing substantial or meaningful in these movies either. If you want to watch a fun action movie that is good, go re-watch Wonder Woman.

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