Luke’s Top 10 Films of 2017 (#5-1)

Top 5 Movies of 2017

Here you go! Here is the top movies of 2017.


#5 – Coco

The reason Car 3 is not on the list is because I didn’t see it. But Coco is more than enough from Pixar to please me this year. I didn’t know what to expect from this movie but did it deliver one of the most heart-touching animated films since Inside Out. The animation is beautifully done with the Day of the Dead acting as a visually and musically beautiful framework for a universally understandable story about family. If you were on the fence about it, I highly recommend checking it out.

wonder woman

#4 – Wonder Woman

No one was expecting DC to make not only a good movie, but a great one. Gal Gadot is a fantastic Wonder Woman. She was naive but not stupid. She was powerful but not at the cost of her femininity. But more than anything she was heroic. The no man’s land scene will go down as one of the best superhero scenes ever. It will also go down with the great superhero origin movies such as Batman Begins and Ironman. While GotG vol 2 gave me superhero fatigue, Wonder Woman reinvigorated the genre for me.


#3 – Silence

This film went under the radar with a small release at the beginning of the year. While it was nominated for an oscar, it didn’t win. The film has been largely ignored by most people but left quite an impact on those who watched it. This film was a passion project of Martin Scorsese and took him over 20 years to get made. This film is not for everyone, as it is both long and slowly paced. Those of us who need a slow movie every once in awhile, will be treated to a thoughtful, faith provoking story that is both horrific and beautiful to watch at the same time.


#2 – Logan

While Wonder Woman will go down as a great superhero origin movie, Logan went down as one of the best superhero films of all time. I cannot express in words just how impactful this movie was. Not only for myself but everyone I watched it with. It was a strongly visceral experience that commands your attention throughout. Hugh Jackman’s final performance as Wolverine could not have ended on a better note.

The first X-men film marked the beginning of the current superhero era of filmmaking. If it wasn’t for Wonder Woman, this film may have ended it for me. It set the bar really high for what a superhero movie could do. While I find it unlikely, I believe the Best Actor oscar should go to Hugh Jackman with Patrick Stewart getting Best Supporting Actor. I can say that this not only reached one of my top spots of the year, but has done so for all time top movies for me as well. And we’re only at number two.

blade runner 2049

#1 – Blade Runner 2049

I honestly thought Logan was going to be my number 1 throughout most of the year. Even after watching Blade Runner 2049 for the first time Logan was still my number 1. However the thing you need to understand about the Blade Runner series is that it’s an acquired taste. I thought Blade Runner was overhyped when I first saw it, now it’s one of my favorites. Blade Runner 2049 was a movie that never quite left my mind after I saw it. I found myself reflecting upon it over and over again.

My first viewing I was able to truly appreciate the special effects and found it to be one of the best looking films in recent memory. But there was something about the story that stuck to me and refused to let go. It was a truly paradoxical experience to have something cerebral morph into something visceral and truly meaningful when I started to understand what this movie had to say to me. I saw it a second time and I better understood why I loved this movie. I’m sorry for being vague about this but it was a really personal experience for me and there are not many movies that can do that. I don’t expect everyone to share the same feelings that I have.

But what I can say is that this movie will probably sweep the technical oscars and for good reason. The movie is extremely well made and beautiful to look at. 2017 has produced some great movies and I’m happy that I can now add 2 more films to my all time favorites list.

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