I want YOU on Dark Knight Minute!

We Want You

Have you ever wanted to be on the Dark Knight Minute? Have you been listening and had a golden nugget of information that you wish we could hear? Ever want to just laugh it up with us? Well here is your chance! Season 2 is coming soon and it is time to jump into The Dark Knight. We want you to join our guest roster. 


Starting today, Wednesday, September 12, 2019, if you send me an email at contact@geekmindfusion.com you can have the chance to be on the show for a week. A week (3 episodes) of Season 2: The Dark Knight! 


This is a limited time, and space, offer! I have 30 slots open only. So the first 30 will be the ones that will get their spots in the season. I will be running this offer from Sept.12 – Sept. 19, 2019. After that, I will be shutting down this offer. 


Oh and one last thing, the sooner you make your donation the more weeks of the movie you will have to choose from. So please send me an email and be our guest. We want to have you. And look for Season 2 starting up Nov. 4, 2019.

Check out this episode!

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