Welcome to Geek Mind Fusion!

At Geek Mind Fusion, the first thing you need to know about us is our goal is to redefine geek. The Dictionary doesn’t have it right and those in society who give geek a negative connotation don’t either. We are here to start a movement that changes the world’s view of geek into something positive and help everyone realize that we are all geeks. The Venn Diagram below shows our reasoning for our definition of Geek. A geek is someone who has intelligence or knowledge of and passion for one or more subjects.

Geek Chart (Venn Diagram)

We also want to promote tolerance and acceptance of all geeks, nerds, etc. no matter their area of interest. Whether we are computer geeks, comic geeks, sports geeks, art geeks we all bring unique and interesting things to the table. We should celebrate this instead of trying to bring each other down. Join the movement and embrace your inner geek.

To learn more about us and the movement check out our first official post.

About Us

Right now there are 3 of us behind Geek Mind Fusion. We are listed below along with the name that we are known by on the podcast. More info about the founders will be updated in the future.

Adam (a.k.a. Adam the Creator)

Luke (a.k.a. Darth Laric)

Jacob (a.k.a. Big J)

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