Redefining Geek – The Who and Why to GMF

Welcome to Geek Mind Fusion. As the first formal blog on this website, I feel it should be an introduction to who we are and what we wish to accomplish with this website. Firstly, an introduction to the GMF team. Adam is the creator of GMF, he’s also our primary programmer and producer who keeps us all on track. My name is Luke, Adam’s younger brother, and content creator. Jacob, who’s the youngest brother is the ideas guy. Then there’s Troy, our art and design guru and Shem, who helps with Marketing.

The common ground we all have is that we are geeks. But the irony is that we are all geeks for different things. We have passions for both a variety of things and some that we share. We aren’t all sports geeks like Shem, and Jacob is the only one who plays D&D. Several of us are geeks for Star Wars, superheroes, movies, and video games but the level of geekiness is different for each of us. I’m a huge Batman geek for example, even though I think all of us are at least a fan.

This dynamic we have is something I believe every social group has. Differences that are held together by one thing, passion. For a geek is someone with passion. And life would be boring without passion.

So really what we want to do is not only redefine geek but to find common ground in our passions. We want to be inclusive to all kinds of geeks if that be your typical video game geek to even your sports geeks.

We are working to produce content for a wide variety of areas from pop-culture to even some more obscure things. This content includes blogs, podcasts, apps and whatever crazy thing we come up with during a “geek-out” moment. 

We invite you to join us in our discussion on all things geek and keep an open mind for the next thing you might find passion in.  Stay tuned for more.